ahhhhh~ web site building!

Hey so I am redoing my website right now and I think it is going to drive me crazy! It’s not done and it’s not fancy by any means but for now it will do. I would love to take a part time class on web building. It would be very informative. Anyhow so I have the basics done immersing some images but I upload it and all I get past the index page and my blog here is the 403 Forbidden error. What have I done! Lol hopefully I can get this resolved before the the day’s end.

This weekend well more specifically Oct.2nd I will attend the art of fashion event. It’s a really fun event I went last year but the problem is I have nothing to wear!!!!!!! I think of making something but with what time? I would have to pattern it to my size. Buy the fabric serge it and then sew it! And the only day I’m not working is today! But if I don’t make something then I would have to buy something to witch I think with what money? And where?? Cambridge only has one boutique worth going to and I think there closed for renovations…

Oh what to do what to do……..

Ok I’m off to watch Iron Man 2! Till I get a reply on this 403 forbidden error

Type to you soon


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First Post!

So I am starting my blog! Woot! Yay! For me I love vloging more than bloging just because I feel I can express myself better through speech then words.  So I will probably link most of my vlogs here to. ^.^ but on to finishing the work on my web site.  Witch right now is a total embarrassment and my deadline is Oct.1!  So let’s see if I can get the photos done edited and everything in the right placeless. I’m finding Dreamweaver a difficult program. I mean I can pick up adobe programs rather quickly but Dreamweaver is set up differently so it’s more difficult.

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