Durst Couture

I cant believe it has been a year since my show.

I have graduated collage had a trip to England and tireously hunted for a job in the industry i have trained for.

alas i still have yet to obtain a fashion industry job. but that dose not stop me! i can not get a job in the industry i will make one! so i have started Durst Couture. although it has not launched yet (soon very soon) i have learned many things. the bumps on the road to starting a brand are many and often it seams. but a rocky road has a lot of learning opportunities. my samples are almost complete once that is done a photo shoot and then a all nighter web development session and its live. the launch is a small collection of 3 garments and 2 corsets. as there is only one production personnel (myself) it has to be manageable.

I will link you to Dusrt Couture Twitter it kinda gives a behind the scenes look at the development. https://twitter.com/durstcouture



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