projects that are coming and are gone

Hey All!

It has been some time since I have updated (as always) so I thought I would through a quick update out there!

I am back in school doing my final year. It has been crazy as school always is and because it is my final year we have been designing are final collections. I’m really enjoying this and I hope to post some of the work. I think I’m being nice saying I’m halfway through the designing so when I am done let’s say December I will post more.

I have also worked on a project that is debuting tonight! I am super excited! I have been working on this for about 3 months now and I must say it looks pretty awesome. I will post more before the end of the week.

After so much here is something I’m doing but I won’t tell you much I worked on a project over the summer and I’m a little late in posting it on my  blog but if you fallow me on twitter and facebook you have heard about Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers . it is an electronic book about how you can take you love for costuming and turn it in to a career! I love this book it is really informative and gives you many different angles. I would love if you could give this book some support and look forward for more from Steven Savage!

On some sadish news the project I started early spring of this year Cosplay for Japan is on a bit of a hiatus as this one person to much regret cannot find the time. But I hope to come back to it.


For now I’m off to pattern my heart out!


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