hey life whats new?

Hey all!

Wow it has been a long time since I have blogged!

It’s not like I have nothing to blog about. I have many things I can blog about but life from day to day sometimes only seams as life nothing to talk about I just did things. I guess that is the era we live in though with the facebook, twitter, wordpress, tumbler, youtube, google +, and so on. We will talk about how good this ice cream is or thoughts of a movie but when someone asks you how is it going what is up? You respond not much.

Any ways I got of topic! I guess what I want to say is… I want to blog at the very least!  I also want to try to keep it more fashion based because this blog is on my web site but we will see…..

So what is new world?

Truly not much is new with me. The heat of the summer is starting to cool and fall will soon fallow. I will enter my final year of school and I am excited and happy as well as nerves and scared. I have done a lot of design work this summer but I am only half way through it!  I want to talk more about my design work when it is done! A really really long blog will come just wait!

I recently wanted to go “grass roots” where I just draw up something pattern it, cut it, and sew it. So I started that and it is so good! I don’t know if I can express what it is like but I will try. There is the amazing rush of feelings when the whole process happens that I would put equivalent to a rock star getting high. Going through the process of taking your design and pulling it of the paper to reality is so indescribable that I think I will keep on going in circles till I stop trying to describe it but it has really recharged my batteries from all this design work. I know what I want to do but in life you can end up side tracked.

I have also started a project which it is really late getting to my website but it will be here well in time next year if all goes well. The project is called Cosplay for Japan. It was original just a onetime event that could possibly turn to a annual event to help Japan but now it might end up being more! The event its self is a 24 hour event broadcast online where the challenge is given out of sewing 2 costumes in 24hours! I know its crazy insane! I did come up with it! Anyways… the concept was that viewers could chat and ask questions and the whole process would raise money to help Japan in the recent tragedies that has befallen the country. Now I am keeping up the viewers by doing weekly tips on costuming and when questions come up I answer them as well. I’m thinking that I might turn it into a book and all the profit would go to help Japan. But that is just an idea at this point.

I think this blog has gone on far too long and as I am typing this at 2AM I think I need to go to sleep so I will talk to you all soon


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