new videos…..

so I want to upgrade the quality of my videos on YouTube.  I think this all came from my P4A video where I got this amazing deal on a tripod! so now I guess I feel a little bit more “professional”. witch I know is kind of funny. I have been doing most of my videos in a one take / little editing sort of way which is easier in some aspects but the past few videos I have made involved some editing and I enjoy the results much more.

I have some ideas on what to vlog about but I don’t have many. right now it seems all like a balancing act. when I was good at making vlogs I was bad on twitter. then I was good on twitter and bad at vlogs. now I’m ok at vloging good at bloging and twitter has been forgotten it seems. but I guess I should take in to account that I have not had the twitter on my phone for the past week so that might be part of it. this all is the same for ideas. I used to have so many ideas for vlogs but now the seam all uninteresting or outdated. with bloging I just type away on whatever comes to mind. and twitter… when I am doing something interesting I have something to tweet about but right now I get up go to work come home help out there go to bed repeat.

I want to still cast a wide net of subject on my YouTube videos. I want to cover anime so that my main demographic is otaku based but I also want to cover fashion, make up, games, movies, technology, really whatever else I am interested in.  but it is difficult for me for some reason. Maybe in the new year I will have some ideas or opportunities for more videos.

I really don’t mean to complain even though it seems I am good at it ^.^

I am just expressing my difficulties on my creative flow.   ~.^


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