Unfortunately Fall/ Winter 2011-2012 predictions


un fortunately I don’t think I will have a fall winter 2011 collection this year.  it is not because there are no designs. no I have them all done and I love them I want to make them. it is also not because of the lack of time I would make time for it. as I said I love my designs for F/W11. and I want to bring to life the designs I love. (that statement feels so creepy) unfortunately the fact that I most likely will not have my F/W11 collection is money. I think I will need $400 for everything for this collection. it’s a small collection of 4 pieces and a few accessories. (like a feather muff!) but its big on design technique and is just a collection of fun and not of everyday fashion.  

this is not final but as of right now I don’t see it happening but march (my in head deadline) is far off so you never know what could happen.

I might upload sketches to this blog at a later date we shall see.


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