Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

If you did not know I am Canadian. And most Canadians believe it or not don’t like the winter. Actually in reality we hate the cold of winter and the heat of summer. I guess were never happy. But this year I feel as though I am experiencing it with new eyes. I mean I don’t like the cold but it is only bad when its blowing in your face at crazy speeds. and really that’s my own fault because I only had a winter coat to keep me warm… yeah….  

I am in love with the snow this year. It like I get captivated by its simple beauty of falling from the sky.  I think I have tweeted about the snow to many times for anyone’s enjoyment. But when I’m walking to and from my job it’s like stopping to smell the roses. 

Just to view the small puffs of fluff falling from the sky. And there are so many of them! Or the snow clumping up on the branches. It all gives to the effect that the snow is leaving a blanket over the city. 

 It makes me really enjoy the walk. The temperature as of yet has not been bad at all and I know that the season has just started so it will get colder but as of right know I’m really enjoying the scenery. 

The drive after the walk is the opposite of enjoyable. But that is just… Well winter driving. 


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