Long Time No Post! Till Christmas

Hey All,

So I think I pushed my blog off a cliff. I want to change that and blog more. But what about? That seems to always be my problem. The same goes for my YouTube channel witch as of recent has been forgotten a bit but somehow I am able to create vlogs. And yet there are never any blogs. I hope I haven’t lost everyone with the vlog/blogs. So let’s see if I can get my social medial life a rolling ^.^!

So it’s December! Woot! Yay! The snow is falling and it’s becoming so pretty and so festive! Then you come over to my place and we have some garland up and some lights but a tree? NO stockings? NO not much is done at my place. This is odd because normally there would be not much left but some wrapping. OMG! Wrapping! I have yet to finish some gifts yet alone wrap them!

This year is just odd I guess. But with deaths this year I guess Christmas was going to be odd no matter what. The whole family comes to my house for Christmas but I think it’s just one ant that is coming this year. It’s just odd. But no matter what this Christmas is like I will still enjoy it. Not for the gifts or the food. I know this is cheesy. But I love Christmas because I get to spend time with the family. Not like any other holiday where I’m driving around getting the forgotten groceries, or where I’m cleaning like a maniac. Most holidays me and my dad and my brother go off and do different things avoiding mother. Lol she is one to be avoided on holidays be for everyone comes. But Christmas is different. We all get woken up early from my brother and we open some gifts. Then we eat breakfast. Then more openings then we just spend time together. Tinkering and playing with what we got. But we are together. Then more people come and food will soon fallow after time spent with them. And then everyone goes home.

Time with my family means a lot to me as you can probably tell…. But my family is always busy to where there are days that I might only see my mother for and hour or so. I have gone multiple days without seeing my father. And my brother I think I saw him more when he was in school than now. he is so busy. But yeah family time is important or should I say even longed for in families that don’t spend much time together.

Ok so this is what I get for typing with no abandon.
I will try to come up with some more topics in the future.

Till then,

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