Durst Couture

I cant believe it has been a year since my show.

I have graduated collage had a trip to England and tireously hunted for a job in the industry i have trained for.

alas i still have yet to obtain a fashion industry job. but that dose not stop me! i can not get a job in the industry i will make one! so i have started Durst Couture. although it has not launched yet (soon very soon) i have learned many things. the bumps on the road to starting a brand are many and often it seams. but a rocky road has a lot of learning opportunities. my samples are almost complete once that is done a photo shoot and then a all nighter web development session and its live. the launch is a small collection of 3 garments and 2 corsets. as there is only one production personnel (myself) it has to be manageable.

I will link you to Dusrt Couture Twitter it kinda gives a behind the scenes look at the development. https://twitter.com/durstcouture



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In 3… 2… 1!

3 Days to the Show!

I still can hardly believe it is true. And more over. that I am ready for it!
There are still many things I wish I could still do but, at the end of it all there is only so much one person can do.

The garments get sent of The Redefine Design Show tomorrow morning. And after all that is done it is just some fiddling with the display and things.

Wait so I can sleep now…….no that dose not sound right.

I’m going to use this time to do some updating to everything J-Bentley on the internet. mostly the website ,but also facebook, twitter ,and this blog. I have left it all for to long it really needs an over hall!
So things will be on and off and messy for a bit as things are being worked on!
Maybe hopefully I will get better at using dreamweaver!


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working away

Working away on my fashion show right now. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on my work. Its one thing to hear all my classmates and teachers thoughts its entirely different to hear the thoughts of the populace.

22 days to the show!

fun skirt! no?

fun skirt! no?

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projects that are coming and are gone

Hey All!

It has been some time since I have updated (as always) so I thought I would through a quick update out there!

I am back in school doing my final year. It has been crazy as school always is and because it is my final year we have been designing are final collections. I’m really enjoying this and I hope to post some of the work. I think I’m being nice saying I’m halfway through the designing so when I am done let’s say December I will post more.

I have also worked on a project that is debuting tonight! I am super excited! I have been working on this for about 3 months now and I must say it looks pretty awesome. I will post more before the end of the week.

After so much here is something I’m doing but I won’t tell you much I worked on a project over the summer and I’m a little late in posting it on my  blog but if you fallow me on twitter and facebook you have heard about Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers . it is an electronic book about how you can take you love for costuming and turn it in to a career! I love this book it is really informative and gives you many different angles. I would love if you could give this book some support and look forward for more from Steven Savage!

On some sadish news the project I started early spring of this year Cosplay for Japan is on a bit of a hiatus as this one person to much regret cannot find the time. But I hope to come back to it.


For now I’m off to pattern my heart out!


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hey life whats new?

Hey all!

Wow it has been a long time since I have blogged!

It’s not like I have nothing to blog about. I have many things I can blog about but life from day to day sometimes only seams as life nothing to talk about I just did things. I guess that is the era we live in though with the facebook, twitter, wordpress, tumbler, youtube, google +, and so on. We will talk about how good this ice cream is or thoughts of a movie but when someone asks you how is it going what is up? You respond not much.

Any ways I got of topic! I guess what I want to say is… I want to blog at the very least!  I also want to try to keep it more fashion based because this blog is on my web site but we will see…..

So what is new world?

Truly not much is new with me. The heat of the summer is starting to cool and fall will soon fallow. I will enter my final year of school and I am excited and happy as well as nerves and scared. I have done a lot of design work this summer but I am only half way through it!  I want to talk more about my design work when it is done! A really really long blog will come just wait!

I recently wanted to go “grass roots” where I just draw up something pattern it, cut it, and sew it. So I started that and it is so good! I don’t know if I can express what it is like but I will try. There is the amazing rush of feelings when the whole process happens that I would put equivalent to a rock star getting high. Going through the process of taking your design and pulling it of the paper to reality is so indescribable that I think I will keep on going in circles till I stop trying to describe it but it has really recharged my batteries from all this design work. I know what I want to do but in life you can end up side tracked.

I have also started a project which it is really late getting to my website but it will be here well in time next year if all goes well. The project is called Cosplay for Japan. It was original just a onetime event that could possibly turn to a annual event to help Japan but now it might end up being more! The event its self is a 24 hour event broadcast online where the challenge is given out of sewing 2 costumes in 24hours! I know its crazy insane! I did come up with it! Anyways… the concept was that viewers could chat and ask questions and the whole process would raise money to help Japan in the recent tragedies that has befallen the country. Now I am keeping up the viewers by doing weekly tips on costuming and when questions come up I answer them as well. I’m thinking that I might turn it into a book and all the profit would go to help Japan. But that is just an idea at this point.

I think this blog has gone on far too long and as I am typing this at 2AM I think I need to go to sleep so I will talk to you all soon


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new videos…..

so I want to upgrade the quality of my videos on YouTube.  I think this all came from my P4A video where I got this amazing deal on a tripod! so now I guess I feel a little bit more “professional”. witch I know is kind of funny. I have been doing most of my videos in a one take / little editing sort of way which is easier in some aspects but the past few videos I have made involved some editing and I enjoy the results much more.

I have some ideas on what to vlog about but I don’t have many. right now it seems all like a balancing act. when I was good at making vlogs I was bad on twitter. then I was good on twitter and bad at vlogs. now I’m ok at vloging good at bloging and twitter has been forgotten it seems. but I guess I should take in to account that I have not had the twitter on my phone for the past week so that might be part of it. this all is the same for ideas. I used to have so many ideas for vlogs but now the seam all uninteresting or outdated. with bloging I just type away on whatever comes to mind. and twitter… when I am doing something interesting I have something to tweet about but right now I get up go to work come home help out there go to bed repeat.

I want to still cast a wide net of subject on my YouTube videos. I want to cover anime so that my main demographic is otaku based but I also want to cover fashion, make up, games, movies, technology, really whatever else I am interested in.  but it is difficult for me for some reason. Maybe in the new year I will have some ideas or opportunities for more videos.

I really don’t mean to complain even though it seems I am good at it ^.^

I am just expressing my difficulties on my creative flow.   ~.^


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Unfortunately Fall/ Winter 2011-2012 predictions


un fortunately I don’t think I will have a fall winter 2011 collection this year.  it is not because there are no designs. no I have them all done and I love them I want to make them. it is also not because of the lack of time I would make time for it. as I said I love my designs for F/W11. and I want to bring to life the designs I love. (that statement feels so creepy) unfortunately the fact that I most likely will not have my F/W11 collection is money. I think I will need $400 for everything for this collection. it’s a small collection of 4 pieces and a few accessories. (like a feather muff!) but its big on design technique and is just a collection of fun and not of everyday fashion.  

this is not final but as of right now I don’t see it happening but march (my in head deadline) is far off so you never know what could happen.

I might upload sketches to this blog at a later date we shall see.


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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

If you did not know I am Canadian. And most Canadians believe it or not don’t like the winter. Actually in reality we hate the cold of winter and the heat of summer. I guess were never happy. But this year I feel as though I am experiencing it with new eyes. I mean I don’t like the cold but it is only bad when its blowing in your face at crazy speeds. and really that’s my own fault because I only had a winter coat to keep me warm… yeah….  

I am in love with the snow this year. It like I get captivated by its simple beauty of falling from the sky.  I think I have tweeted about the snow to many times for anyone’s enjoyment. But when I’m walking to and from my job it’s like stopping to smell the roses. 

Just to view the small puffs of fluff falling from the sky. And there are so many of them! Or the snow clumping up on the branches. It all gives to the effect that the snow is leaving a blanket over the city. 

 It makes me really enjoy the walk. The temperature as of yet has not been bad at all and I know that the season has just started so it will get colder but as of right know I’m really enjoying the scenery. 

The drive after the walk is the opposite of enjoyable. But that is just… Well winter driving. 


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Long Time No Post! Till Christmas

Hey All,

So I think I pushed my blog off a cliff. I want to change that and blog more. But what about? That seems to always be my problem. The same goes for my YouTube channel witch as of recent has been forgotten a bit but somehow I am able to create vlogs. And yet there are never any blogs. I hope I haven’t lost everyone with the vlog/blogs. So let’s see if I can get my social medial life a rolling ^.^!

So it’s December! Woot! Yay! The snow is falling and it’s becoming so pretty and so festive! Then you come over to my place and we have some garland up and some lights but a tree? NO stockings? NO not much is done at my place. This is odd because normally there would be not much left but some wrapping. OMG! Wrapping! I have yet to finish some gifts yet alone wrap them!

This year is just odd I guess. But with deaths this year I guess Christmas was going to be odd no matter what. The whole family comes to my house for Christmas but I think it’s just one ant that is coming this year. It’s just odd. But no matter what this Christmas is like I will still enjoy it. Not for the gifts or the food. I know this is cheesy. But I love Christmas because I get to spend time with the family. Not like any other holiday where I’m driving around getting the forgotten groceries, or where I’m cleaning like a maniac. Most holidays me and my dad and my brother go off and do different things avoiding mother. Lol she is one to be avoided on holidays be for everyone comes. But Christmas is different. We all get woken up early from my brother and we open some gifts. Then we eat breakfast. Then more openings then we just spend time together. Tinkering and playing with what we got. But we are together. Then more people come and food will soon fallow after time spent with them. And then everyone goes home.

Time with my family means a lot to me as you can probably tell…. But my family is always busy to where there are days that I might only see my mother for and hour or so. I have gone multiple days without seeing my father. And my brother I think I saw him more when he was in school than now. he is so busy. But yeah family time is important or should I say even longed for in families that don’t spend much time together.

Ok so this is what I get for typing with no abandon.
I will try to come up with some more topics in the future.

Till then,

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I lie no more!

So my web site does not lie anymore! I have uploaded my spring summer 2011 collection! Check it out by clicking the design link!
I will blog to you soon with a real blog once these T3’s get out of my system.

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